The Polyptych of the Enlightened is a collective illustration exhibition, that arises in the 5th Centenary of the death of Hyeronimus Bosch with two purposes: to serve as a tribute and as an epilogue to The Bosco big exhibition of the Prado Museum in Madrid during the summer and fall of 2016 and at the same time attends as a tribute to the world of illustration through the work of the 12 most awarded and recognized Spanish illustrators in active.

This expositive proposal presents a dozen of Spanish illustrators followers and connoisseurs of the work of the painter who in 28 pieces created exclusively for this exhibition accepted the commission to let themselves be enlightened by the Bosch universe to freely dialogue with his works and extract from them the most relevant message in each case, from social criticism to humor through overflowing fantasy,  to update the proposals of the dutch master and to highlight the quality and level of contemporary Spanish illustration, capable of establishing an open dialogue in equality with art through the centuries.
The exhibition had a great impact and a very high interest in its presentation in Madrid receiving more than 9,900 visits in the 15 days that was open to the public and even being a small and private initiative of its curator, received the attention of several national radio stations, national daily press and web sites specialized in art and illustration, including cultural staff from the Dutch embassy in Spain, showing the interest in the exhibition itself and the fascination for Bosch and for the spanish illustration. 

We do not need to be especially sensitive to become amazed behind any of Jheronimus van Aken´s masterpieces, even today 500 years after his death. In a time apparently opposite to his, we can discover in his pictures timeless vices, attitudes or concerns which have become for generations the seed of future dreams and fantasies of those who paid attention to them. In the depth of his masterpieces, the message is still alive. Gutemberg´s first printer started to produce the first illustrated books at the same time he was growing, and lots of his models were part of those images lighting up the Bible and the pious books arriving to Hertogenbosch. The master´s studio has not stopped awarding degree to disciples since he died. This exhibition shown on his 500 anniversary is an attempt to compile the dreams and fantasies of 12 contemporaneous creators of images that, at any time have become inspired by Van Aken´s pieces. 12 Spanish illustrators well recognized national and internationally that use their own language to communicate messages to the world they live in, on the same way as “Bosch” did  More than 20 hand-made pieces created by these authors to spread the seed of curiosity, fear, laugh, or outrage in the minds of those who stop to stare at them. ​​​​​​​

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